alter ego

alter ego
/oltar iygow/ Second self. Under doctrine of "alter ego", court merely disregards corporate entity and holds individual responsible for acts knowingly and intentionally done in the name of corporation. Ivy v. Plyler, 246 Cal.App.2d 678, 54 Cal.Rptr. 894, 897.
To establish the "alter ego" doctrine, it must be shown that the stockholders disregarded the entity of the corporation, made corporation a mere conduit for the transaction of their own private business, and that the separate individualities of the corporation and its stockholders in fact ceased to exist. Sefton v. San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, Cal.App., 106 P.2d 974, 984.
The doctrine of "alter ego" does not create assets for or in corporation, but it simply fastens liability on the individual who uses the corporation merely as an instrumentality in conducting his own personal business, and that liability springs from fraud perpetrated not on the corporation, but on third persons dealing with corporation. Garvin v. Matthews, 193 Wash. 152, 74 P.2d 990, 992.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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